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Obama Watches From The sidelines

After Syria launched an attack on the IS, most of its members fled to Iraq. Now that Iraqi and Kurdish forces - supported by US-led air strikes - are pursuing them, the IS extremists are most likely to retreat into Syria. That means the US has two choices: It could either block the fleeing extremists' access to Syria and launch a joint operation with Syrian forces to corner them, or just watch from the sidelines the tug of war between Damascus and the remaining IS terrorists in Syria.

Obama watches from the sidelines

The NGACO model differs from the existing portfolio of ACOs in several important ways. For one, the NGACO offers financial arrangements with higher levels of risk and reward. In year 2, NGACOs would be able to select a full capitation payment mechanism that would prospectively pay for each attributed beneficiary on a monthly basis. This is a significant development for some integrated health care systems that have largely stood on the sidelines of the CMS ACO programs due to the lack of incentives and ability to manage from a set amount of funding.

After the game ended, Wolfson and Mayfield met at midfield for the interview as both teams came out from their respective sidelines to shake hands. She attempted to ask Mayfield what the Rams did to play effectively.

"Your Holiness, in your words and deeds, you set a profound moral example. And in these gentle but firm reminders of our obligations to God and to one another, you are shaking us out of complacency. All of us may, at times, experience discomfort when we contemplate the distance between how we lead our daily lives and what we know to be true and right. But I believe such discomfort is a blessing, for it points to something better. You shake our conscience from slumber; you call on us to rejoice in Good News, and give us confidence that we can come together, in humility and service, and pursue a world that is more loving, more just, and more free. Here at home and around the world, may our generation heed your call to 'never remain on the sidelines of this march of living hope!'

ha ha ha!!! how funny suddenly all the obama-ers are ready to be cool-minded and see something as blown out of proportion all the while if this had been bill clinton or anyone alse from hillary's camp, they would have been all over it. now they're crying "she's just the spouse, not the candidate" all the while going on and on about bill and chelsea. 350c69d7ab


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