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[S2E27] The Power Transfer: Part I

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[S2E27] The Power Transfer: Part I

The Rangers manage to retrieve the Sword of Light from the Deserted Planet before Serpentera blows up the whole world! Rocky, Adam, and Aisha, proving themselves yet again by destroying the sleep machine, are chosen to replace the departing Jason, Zack and Trini as the Red, Black, and Yellow Rangers! Lord Zedd now has both the Silverhorns monster and Serpentera targeting Angel Grove! Will the three new Rangers' first mission be their last?Tropes And the Adventure Continues: Zordon congratulates the new team on their victory, though he cautions them that this is only the beginning and warns that Zedd will return and no doubt use Serpentera again. Irony: In the end, Zedd is left bemoaning how his massive Zord doesn't have enough power to destroy an ant. Nice Job Fixing It, Villain: Because Lord Zedd decided to use Serpentera's full power last episode, it runs out after returning to Earth, which becomes a problem for him in later occasions. Not that the rangers are complaining. Passing the Torch: The first time ever that three Power Rangers give their powers to three newcomers (in this case, Jason, Trini, and Zack give their powers to Rocky, Adam, and Aisha). Put on a Bus: Jason, Trini, and Zack leave to attend the International Peace Conference in Switzerland. However, while this may be the last time Trini and Zack appear, this isn't the last time Jason appears in the series. So Proud of You: Zordon commends the departing Rangers for their service and later congratulates the new team on their victory. Theme Music Power-Up: This episode marks the first time that the extended version of "Go, Go Power Rangers", complete with actual lyrics, plays during the summoning and/or transformation sequence of the Zords, which would go on to become a standard for the rest of the series. Villainous Vow: Zedd does this when forced to retreat.Lord Zedd: I take an oath. Whether the Power Rangers are at half-strength or full, whether there are six or a thousand of them, I will return and destroy them all! 781b155fdc


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