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Where To Buy Coral Calcium

Coral calcium supplements contain calcium and magnesium. However, there is no evidence that these supplements are any better than typical calcium supplements available at lower cost. In addition, claims that coral calcium can maintain a proper pH balance in the human body or that it has anticancer properties are not support by scientific evidence.Please see our entry on calcium for more information about getting this mineral through diet or from supplements.

where to buy coral calcium

Coral calcium is derived from the natural matrix of coral. Coral particles that drift to the sea bottom from natural erosion are harvested from a wide region of tropical oceans. Coral has been used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine either alone or in polyherbal formulas for its high calcium content to treat conditions such as inflammation, cough, and osteoporosis (7). Coral calcium has been marketed as both a natural calcium supplement and linked to longevity in the elderly in Okinawa, Japan. However, some studies suggest that this longevity is attributable to their traditional plant-based diet (8).

In a rodent model of postmenopausal bone loss, effects with dietary coral calcium were comparable to a calcium carbonate control (9). A few animal studies have been conducted with coral calcium hydride, a hydrogen-rich form of coral calcium considered to have increased antioxidant potential. In obese rodents, it prevented fatty liver disease (10).

Limited studies suggest that calcium of coral origin is better absorbed in the intestine than calcium from other sources, and thought to be due to the 2:1 calcium:magnesium ratio that occurs naturally in coral (3). Claims that it can maintain a proper pH balance in the human body are unsubstantiated.

In postmenopausal animal models of bone loss, coral calcium increased both bone-forming (osteocalcin, P1NP, ALP) and bone-resorption (Trap5b, CTX) markers to protect against post-ovariectomy bone loss, but effects were largely similar to those with calcium carbonate (9).

Coral calcium hydride, a hydrogen-rich form considered to have increased antioxidant potential, prevented accelerated senescence in rodents through upregulation of cell death, free radical scavenging, and molecular transport (11). In obese rodents, it improved hepatic mitochondrial dysfunction, reduced oxidative stress, and activated phase II enzymes to prevent fatty liver disease (10).

We need calcium for many functions, but primarily to support the skeleton, where a steady supply of calcium enables the body to produce enough new bone. Coral Calcium helps build bones, may help prevent osteoporosis and regulate the normal contraction and relaxation of muscles, including the heart.

We are constantly remodeling our skeleton, removing old bone and replacing it with fresh new bone. Remodeling regulates calcium homeostasis, repairs micro-damage to bones from everyday stress, and shapes and sculpts the skeleton during growth.

This is the balancing act of resorption and formation. As we age, resorption can gain the upper hand and lead to overall bone loss, resulting in osteopenia or osteoporosis. You need a steady supply of calcium to produce enough new bone to counteract the effects of resorption.

The Federal Trade Commission also has warned at least 18 firms that operate Web sites selling coral calcium that they should stop making unsubstantiated health claims for the popular calcium supplement or they too will be hauled into court.

Coral calcium contains calcium derived from crushed coral taken off the seabed near Okinawa, Japan, as well as magnesium and other minerals found in the skeletal remains of these reef-swelling organisms. Calcium plays a key role in regulating body chemistry, facilitating electrical impulses in the cells, and building and maintaining healthy bones.

But because roughly 90% of American girls and women and almost three-quarters of American men do not get enough calcium in their diet, supplements -- which derive calcium from sources as diverse as oyster shells and limestone deposits -- have become big business in recent years. According to the San Diego-based Nutrition Business Journal, calcium supplements commanded about $877 million in sales in 2002, a figure that has surged because of market interest in coral calcium.

In addition to their claims that Coral Calcium Supreme could treat or prevent several major illnesses, Trudeau and Barefoot told potential buyers that calcium derived from crushed coral found on the ocean floor is more easily absorbed into the system than supplements derived from other sources -- a claim the FTC also disputes.

The federal actions against those who make and market coral calcium are among the more than 200 warning letters and advisories that FDA and the FTC have issued since then to companies they allege are marketing dangerous or fraudulent health products. Since December, the FDA has seized more than $10 million worth of improperly labeled supplements, issued recalls for many products and promotions the agency deemed unsafe and banned the import of hundreds of supplement products into the U.S.

Directions: As a calcium supplement, adults take four (4) capsules with any meal or as directed by a healthcare provider. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Individual results may vary.

Coral calcium is a salt of calcium derived from fossilized coral reefs (primarily from limestone and coastal deposits). It has been promoted as an alternative, but unsubstantiated, treatment or cure for a number of health conditions.

Coral calcium has been promoted as an alternative treatment or cure for a number of health conditions, often as part of an alkaline diet, by Robert Barefoot and others; Barefoot coauthored a book called The Calcium Factor, and marketed coral calcium supplements with infomercials.[1][2] According to a Time magazine article about Barefoot by Leon Jaroff, "The monthly cost of the recommended dose of Barefoot's calcium tablets is some 15 times greater than that of the ordinary drug store variety." Jaroff called Barefoot's marketing of coral calcium "one of the more successful scams of our age" and "sheer nonsense," and labeled him a "huckster".[1]

There is no medical evidence to support these health claims, and coral calcium has been identified by the United States Food and Drug Administration as a "Fake Cancer 'Cure' Consumers Should Avoid".[3] The Federal Trade Commission prosecuted several individuals, including Barefoot, for making unsupported health claims about coral calcium,[4] and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has issued a consumer advisory regarding false and misleading marketing claims associated with coral calcium supplements.[5]

Living coral reefs are endangered and cannot be harvested without significant damage to the ecosystem, and because of this, coral calcium is harvested by grinding up above-ground limestone deposits that were once part of a coral reef. Calcium from coral sources needs to be refined to remove pollutants of the source environment. It is marketed as a dietary supplement, but its benefits over other calcium supplements are unproven and biologically unlikely, [5] and several marketers have been found guilty of fraud and were ordered to pay $20.4 million and to refrain from making unsubstantiated claims in the future.[4] Additionally, coral near Okinawa has absorbed relatively high amounts of lead and mercury, leading to concern that these unregulated supplements may be contaminated.[6] Further, coral takes millennia to grow, leading to environmental concerns if harvesting of live coral becomes widespread.[6]

While calcium is good for your bones, like other minerals it's hard for your body to digest. Our genuine, authentic Coral Calcium may be a smart choice for those who wish to keep bones strong and healthy.

From Marine Bed CoralOur Coral Calcium is from marine bed coral, not live coral. No living coral is ever harmed in making this product. In addition to delivering a potent form of calcium, our Coral Calcium also naturally features additional nutrients that help balance the pH so your bones do not become too acidic. A great option for both men and women who want to maintain bone strength.

Coral Calcium Powder is often referred to as Calcium Coral because it contains at least 35% calcium carbonate. In addition to its large ratio of calcium, Coral Calcium Powder also contains 72 other major and trace minerals. Many of the minerals that are contained in Coral Calcium operate synergistically with each other in a natural balance that cannot be replicated within man-made formulations.

Coral Calcium Powder has been used internally within nutrition and medicinal applications for nearly 2,000 years and has recently been recognized for its ability to contribute to strong teeth and healthy skin, hair and nails when incorporated into cosmeceutical and dental formulations. Add calcium coral to any formulation in which a high mineral content is desirable such as scrubs, body polishes, massage butters, masks, facials, wraps, mineral makeup, lotions, dental powders and other formulations.

Praan Naturals supplies only pure fossilized above sea Coral Calcium Powder. Fossilized Above Sea Coral Calcium Powder is carefully harvested from pure coral that has risen to above sea level. In contrast, marine coral is harvested from living coral reefs and the surrounding areas. Marine coral is inferior to fossilized above sea coral because it can contain impurities and other sea elements such as sea shells, rock and silica.

Manufacturer of standard and custom dietary supplement ingredients including calcium. Calcium coral, calcium ascorbate, calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, calcium D-glucarate, calcium lactate, D-calcium pantothenate and D-calcium phosphate are available. Offered in bottle, jar, stick pack, sachet, bag, pouch and folding carton packaging options. FDA approved. 041b061a72


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