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History And Culture Of Pakistan By Nigel Kelly Ebook 69 _HOT_


xiaohuangshan is the site of an extremely late neolithic construction (perhaps 9000-8000 bce; huan et al. 2021), and it would be a place for chinese first adopters to see the domesticated millet and rice, but surely, they were more common before that, with the population expanding, if there was a population "core" at that time in the yangtze valley.

a very detailed study has been done recently of the role of climate in chinese culture, history, and prehistory (xuecheng zhou et al. 2019). cities and even some villages in the north were located at elevations usually averaging about 200-300 meters, and the entire area had fairly dry temperatures of winter and summer, sometimes warm (they did not always get so cool as in the east).

when archeology was based on excavation we had to go to many places; when photography became possible we had to see and learn from all these places. now we can look and know. sometimes, of course, we see the same thing over and over. a few years ago i visited the baltoro glacier and saw a wooden tub for storing a melted glacier. it was too expensive to bring it back to china, so in the ice it had stayed.

popular music is almost entirely popular culture, with little or no wisdom or substance. most people are unaware that this is so. the reason is that even when the most commonly heard music is sucked from the airwaves of the whole world, what we hear is almost always of the lowest common denominator. this is where the music from the larger marketplaces and publications sells its music, and it happens to be often almost entirely the lowest common denominator. large urban markets in the world are so huge that one cannot find good music that is not in some aspect popular. 3d9ccd7d82


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