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Guess My Job: A Fun and Interactive Career Quiz for Students and Adults

Then there are those people who just take whatever job they can get, and that is a personality all in itself, believe it or not. That fight or flight mentality can cause people to take jobs they never would have otherwise, and ones that don't necessarily make them happy, but get the job done, so to speak. Answer this series of seemingly random questions, and we'll guess what job you have!

guess my job

A woman on TikTok has got her 2 million followers guessing what she does for a living. Watch below as she tries to convince her followers she's a baseball player, hairdresser and farmer in three of her videos:

The event will feature a number of specialists working in risk management, advisory, business data analytics and finance projects who will talk about their daily activities, their skills developed during their journey in the company, without ever revealing their current role. The Engineering contact person will also not reveal his precise job title and will introduce himself anonymously. It will be up to the students present to guess his specific role through questions and key elements provided during the presentation.

This digital online guessing grammar game is a modern way for students to practice yes/no question forms in short-answer form by asking questions to identify a mystery job. It's like a cross between Guess Who and 20 Questions.

Guess what? Chicken butt! While this was a classic quip in grade school in the 90s, it is not the most eggs-emplary wisecrack. For those comedi-hens who are peckish for some pun-filled guess what jokes, we've been working around the cluck and have laid down some options that will have you eggs-ploding with laughter!

The funniest guess what jokes are phrased in a way that makes listeners ponder the possible answer, only to be caught off guard by an extremely obvious response. This is done with the use of puns and clever wording! You can also get creative and make up your own witty jests by using actual facts, like animal trivia, but posing it in a surprising way. Have fun and get laughing!


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